MAPs (formerly known as Nutrimiles) is an offline monitoring app for social welfare programmes developed by WFP and the Government of El Salvador. 

Malnutrition continues to be a major public health problem throughout El Salvador. To effectively address the issue the national government has established a social protection programme for mothers and family members who attend school and community training. To incentivise attendance, the protection programme provides cash (in the form of food vouchers) to mothers who visit nutritional check-ups at local health centres. However the paper based solution currently used by both WFP and national government to track participation and monitor improvements is complex, time consuming and expensive. To tackle the problem, WFP has teamed up with the government of El Salvador to establish MAPs; an offline monitoring system that captures and stores beneficiary information in the cloud and facilitates easy integration with existing reporting platforms.


MAPs allows for the detailed tracking of nutritional improvement and the creation of a consolidated database for real-time tracking of the results of social protection programmes. It simplifies the process of capturing and linking key data for decision makers in an non-intrusive, secure and distributed way. Furthermore, by reducing information silos and paperwork it could potentially save to a third of monitoring costs, thus allowing WFP and government staff to focus resources on raising awareness and reducing levels of malnutrition amongst vulnerable communities. By augmenting the Government of El Salvador's technical capacity WFP is making sure the most vulnerable communities don't fall through the social safety net. 


Starting January 2017, WFP and the Government of El Salvador are piloting the system in more than three municipalities, impacting approximately 1,400 beneficiaries. If successful, WFP aims to scale the solution nationally.