Empowering the voiceless

Why Storytellers?

Even in desperate times, people caught up in humanitarian emergencies want to remain connected with the outside world. Increasingly, thanks to digital technology, they have a way to express themselves and make their views heard. This presents WFP with a huge opportunity. The women, girls, men and boys whom WFP helps every day are our key constituency – and an untapped source of communications capacity. There are 82 million of them around the world. They have a unique relationship with WFP, built on the provision of food, and are our most valuable endorsers. If we can harness their voices and their stories about the positive impact and outcomes of our food assistance, we can prove that a brighter future really does begin with food.

The Project

WFP Storytellers is an innovative communication concept that enables the people in need to produce and tell their own stories, using their own words and images, through a series of hands-on digital communications training.
This involves training in areas ranging from visual communication, such as photography or filming on a smartphone, to content optimization for social media and best practices in digital journalism.  Through the Storytellers project, talented people among refugees, displaced and vulnerable communities will be able to act as communicators on behalf of WFP and share authentic stories with a large online audience. In 2016, 29 Syrian refugees in Jordan completed their communications training and received their certificate. In 2017, the project moved to Chad, where 35 Sudanese refugees graduated at the beginning of June.