Did you know that up to 828 million people still go to bed hungry each night? That’s more than one in ten people globally.

Acute food insecurity has reached unprecedented highs, affecting a record 345 million people — up from 135 million in 2019. Conflict, climate change and the after-effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have worsened the already deteriorating situation. The economic fallout of the pandemic, and the war in Ukraine, have pushed prices up and put food out of reach for millions of people across the world. These rising costs are also affecting WFP’s work.

Therefore, in October 2022, we launched our call for applications to search for game-changing innovations addressing the Global Food Crisis.

After a competitive selection process, six teams were selected to participate in WFP ’s 51st Innovation Bootcamp, from 6 to 8 February 2023. WFP Innovation Bootcamps consist of high-intensity workshops to help teams dive deep into challenges, ideate solutions, and refine project plans. On 17 February, the teams will pitch their ideas during the WFP Pitch Event, an official side event of the Munich Security Conference.

To register for the pitch event, click here.

Learn more about the participating teams from Iraq, Cameroon, Tanzania and many other countries from all over the world and check out their innovative solutions below: