WFP’s Innovation Accelerator identifies, supports, and scales innovations that help fast-track WFP’s work in emergency humanitarian response and achieving Zero Hunger. In support of this strategic vision, the Accelerator works closely with WFP Country Offices as well as Regional Bureaus and Business Units at headquarters level.

Innovation is becoming increasingly important and widespread in order to drive and scale innovation further within WFP and the respective countries. Closer to the field, a coordinated WFP Innovation Community has been established to complement the WFP Innovation Accelerator's global activities.

The Innovation Community comprises a network of WFP Innovation Hubs, based in WFP Country Offices or in Regional Bureaus, a community of WFP Innovation Champions working together to foster a culture of innovation throughout the organization, and an internal innovation support service to WFP business divisions and Country Offices.

Innovation Hubs
Through its growing network of regional or country-based Innovation Hubs, WFP is increasing its ability to identify, nurture, pilot and scale innovative ideas in the world’s most strategic regions by identifying partners and actors to help end hunger.


WFP's first Country Office-based innovation hub, located in Dar el Salaam, Tanzania.

Regional Hub for Eastern Africa

WFP first Regional Innovation Hub for Eastern Africa, located in WFP's Regional Bureau in Nairobi, Kenya.


WFP's Country Office-based innovation hub, located in Amman, Jordan.

Girl eating a watermelon; Photo WFP/Lorena Peña

Latin America and the Caribbean

WFP's Regional Innovation Hub for Latin America and the Caribbean (HZero)

Kenya Country Office Innovation Unit


The Kenya Country Office Innovation Unit facilitates new innovations' designs, piloting, and implementation, with a vision to curate and scale empowering, sustainable, and innovative solutions that accelerate the achievement of Zero Hunger for WFP Kenya and beyond.

The establishment of WFP's Innovation Hubs helps stimulate the local innovation ecosystem contexts that WFP works in. WFP connects and facilitates collaboration initiatives among stakeholders, with the intention of helping regional innovation projects scale with more tailored focus.

Depending on the strategic priorities outlined by each region, the Innovation Hub designs its portfolio of activities to enhance and support local efforts, while driving forward the overall innovation output of the region. Working in tandem with the WFP Innovatoin Accelerator, and embedded in the local teams where they are based, the Innovation Hubs act as a vital engine in scanning, identifying and accelerating local initiatives and opportunities, bridging regional voices to the global innovation scene.

The coordination of these efforts through continuous collaboration among the hubs and the Accelerator supports the creation of synergies between projects and activities, sharing knowledge and best practices among Country Offices, Regional Bureaus and WFP as a whole.

Become a WFP Champion for Innovation

The WFP Innovation Champions Community is an initiative of the WFP Innovation Accelerator which supports and empowers WFP staff to become agents of change, driving innovation within WFP and accelerating solutions to end hunger. The community provides members with opportunities to participate in knowledge sharing sessions and training on the topic of innovation at WFP, to present their own innovation projects, and to connect with a select group of fellow Innovation Champions at WFP locations around the world.

If you are a WFP staff member who is passionate about innovation and interested in becoming a WFP Innovation Champion, apply with the following link

Volunteer to Mentor Innovators

Do you share our passion for solving complex problems and have relevant experience supporting high impact-innovators, are you interested in supporting our sprint and acceleration programs? We are looking for volunteer mentors with diverse skills and experience in technology — mobile, GIS, artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain — product and service design, business strategy and operations, fundraising, entrepreneurship or intrapreneurship, humanitarian and development field operations, and more! 

Apply to join our global community of changemakers, and once we find a suitable match for your skills in one of our upcoming programs we will be in touch for a short interview.  We will also add you to our mailing list for future opportunities to volunteer. Thank you!