The WFP Innovation Hub in Tanzania is the first of its kind and designed to complement the activities of WFP Innovation Accelerator. We seek to identify, pilot and scale innovations for zero hunger in Tanzania and make WFP’s field logistics and IT expertise available to partners in Tanzania and in the region, such as UN agencies, NGOs, start-ups and private sector companies.

We are interested in the areas of agritech, food systems, food value chains, nutrition, social protection and supporting smallholder farmers.


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Innovation Project Portfolio
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Global Learning XPrize

WFP has implemented a 15-month pilot to test five offline, automated software applications to identify which has the most potential to teach children basic reading, writing and arithmetic skills. WFP managed all ICT, logistics, hardware and monitoring components of the projects infrastructure, by installing over 170 solar charging stations in remote villages, managed over 3,000 google tablets used by 2700 children and conducted over 10 rounds of software updates.

Farm from a box

Having served over 80 households in a host community outside of Nyarugusu refugee camp, Farm from a Box develops self-contained “smart agriculture” farming toolboxes to improve the nutritional intake and incomes of small holder farmer communities. The shipping container includes cold storage, remote monitoring sensors and drip irrigation tools. The pilot is now transitioning to be owned by the host community and governed through a community-run digital village savings loans program.

2018 Zero Hunger Zero Aids Challenge

WFP partnered with the Dar Teknohama Business Incubator and the Tanzania Data Lab to run a national innovation challenge. From over 180 applicants, seven finalists in agri-tech, nutrition, e-health and financial inclusion for farmers were awarded technical support, mentorship and some funding. Finalists also received pitch training and the opportunity to pitch as Sahara Sparks, the largest innovation event in Africa, sponsored by WFP, IBM, Facebook and others. 

Farm to Market Alliance

With the Platform’s 2015 launch in Rwanda, Tanzania and Zambia, eleven buyers have signed contracts with over 65,000 Platform farmers to purchase 85,000 MT of predominately cow peas, maize, pigeon peas and soya beans. The ultimate aim is to reach 250,000 smallholder farmers with pre-planting procurement contracts signed with large-scale buyers via systematic engagement in markets over three years.

Lake Victoria Drone Challenge

One of the most frequent logistical challenges faced by WFP and the humanitarian community is inaccessible roads due to floods, earthquakes or conflicts. WFP is a partner in the Lake Victoria Drone Challenge, an international symposium of key government and regulatory stakeholders, along with global and local drone innovators, investors and companies. As a partner, WFP seeks to catalyze the usage of heavy-lift drones in food delivery, and promote the use of drones for positive economic and social impact.

Future Urban Food Systems

With support of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, we are developing a bold new innovation model to humanitarian response, named WFP-X. We set out to re-imagine a step change in humanitarian assistance by investing in “moonshot” thinking. “Moonshots” is an industry term referring to audacious projects aiming for significant 10X improvements over incremental 10% gains. Tackling the future of urban food systems is our first moonshot and we use Dar es Salaam for inspiration. The project was also recognized by fastcompany.



JointPesa is a mobile money wallet, in mission to bank and monetize saving groups in Africa. Our solution targets to empower small holder farmers through enhancing them with a digital platform (JointPesa App) that will serve as their saving and lending platform in group basis, act as an intermediary platform for group members to access other financial services like Insurance and Pension, bank loans and more. JointPesa was selected as a finalist from the zero AIDS, #zerohunger innovation challenge with dLab.


At WFP we seek to complement existing innovation players in Tanzania, such as co-working spaces, incubators and accelerators, who have their own support programs. The goal of our add-on mentoring program is to strengthen the support for startups with innovations for zero hunger.


We are currently building the program and aim to roll it out later in 2019. Please sign up to our newsletter to be informed when applications are open.


We are currently enlisting mentors who want to participate in the future program on a pro-bono basis. We will match you with the local innovators and assist you throughout the journey, as well as invite you to selected events. Please sign up if you are interested.


WFP Tanzania is committed to innovation as expressed in the country strategic plan.

"The Tanzania field innovation hub will connect WFP’s global network of designers, experts, entrepreneurs, academic institutions, foundations and private-sector organizations with a view to sourcing ideas and talent to address problems encountered in the programmes of WFP and its partners. The hub will equip local entrepreneurs with the skills to drive innovation and develop hunger solutions and address gender inequalities. It will also promote South–South cooperation by facilitating partnerships between local and regional stakeholders. Strategic outcome 5 will benefit from guidance from WFP global centres of excellence with a view to achieving SDG 17 and supporting the Delivering as One agenda in Tanzania.”

We continue to grow our innovation hub and are open for local and international partnerships. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you would like to work together: