WFP Acceleration

The WFP Innovation Accelerator sources, supports and scales high-impact innovations to disrupt hunger.

SDG 2 Acceleration
We identify and assist internal WFP innovators and external ventures, helping them to deliver impactful solutions targeting SDG2: Zero Hunger. Every year we run multiple Innovation Challenges, with successful applicants being selected for our Innovation Bootcamps; five-day, high-intensity workshops to help teams dive deep into challenges, ideate solutions and refine project plans.

Our Sprint Programme supports and enables innovators to scale-up their high-impact solutions to achieve Zero Hunger.
Scale up
Through the Scale-up Enablement programme, the WFP Innovation Accelerator supports advanced stage innovations, to help them optimize their impact and reach scale at regional or global levels. Featuring tailored strategic planning, fundraising, communications, knowledge management and mentorship support.
Global innovation Community
The Accelerator works closely with WFP Country Offices as well as Regional Bureaus and Business Units at headquarters level. The Innovation Community comprises a network of WFP Innovation Hubs, based in WFP Country Offices or in Regional Bureaux, a community of WFP Innovation Champions working together to foster a culture of innovation throughout the organization, and an internal innovation support service to WFP business divisions and Country Offices.
SDG Acceleration
Amplifying our collective impact: we create acceleration programmes to help high-impact innovators scale in a sustainable way.
Frontiers Innovation



WFP's Frontiers Innovation Programme researches, tests, and scales game-changing innovations. We leverage emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, autonomous vehicles, and robotics to enhance humanitarian and development assistance.
For instance, with industry and government partners like the European Space Agency, the German Space Agency, and Google Research, we examined complex problems ranging from AI-assisted mapping and evaluation of damage after natural and anthropogenic disasters to using remote-operated vehicles to deliver assistance in challenging environments.
Innovative Finance and Venture Launchpad
The Innovative Finance and Venture Launchpad team was established to enlarge the sources and scope of funding for innovations disrupting hunger. The team develops and implements catalytic mechanisms to attract and blend different sources of capital and to grow the lifetime value of each dollar, euro or rmbi received by WFP.

The reality is that grant funding, as much it may raise in the coming years, will not be enough to reach the SDGs by 2030. New forms of sustainable financing, polling capital from public donors, philanthropies, development banks, and impact investors are crucial to closing the funding gap and achieving social impact at scale.

The Innovative Finance and Venture Launchpad portfolio draws from the strong base and need for Innovative Financing activities developed by the WFP Innovation Accelerator. The team builds these by forging strong collaborations from other Innovative Finance teams across WFP, as well as by leveraging the expertise from leading external stakeholders across the humanitarian sector and the larger impact investment ecosystem.
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