Innovation is critical to enable the United Nations World Food Programme to deliver on its mandate to reach Zero Hunger. 

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WFP is deploying bold new tools and approaches across its global operations to help solve hunger. Explore the tools, technologies and approaches driving change.

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The WFP Innovation Accelerator identifies, supports and scales high-potential solutions to hunger worldwide. We provide WFP entrepreneurs, start-ups, companies and NGOs access to mentorship, training, financial support, expert insights and WFP operations. The Innovation Accelerator is part of WFP's Innovation and Change Management Division.

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The World Food Programme (WFP) and Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year are jointly launching the first ever WFP Storytellers Innovation Award for y

Scale. No, not the instrument for weighing or the outer skin of a fish. According to WFP Innovator and Programme Lead Samuel Ng, "Scale", in WFP Innovation Accelerator terminology, can best be…

Lather, rinse, repeat. Some of you may recognize these standard instructions, which appear on the backs of many shampoo bottles. Sounds straightforward, right? Wash your hair, rinse it out, and do it…