Innovation is critical to enable the United Nations World Food Programme to deliver on its mandate to reach Zero Hunger. 

2021: A Year of Impact and Growth

Take a look and see what we have been able to accomplish together with your support this year:

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WFP is deploying bold new tools and approaches across its global operations to help solve hunger. Explore the disruptive innovations, technologies and business models driving change.

CODA (Conditional On-Demand Assistance)

Simplified solutions for complex programmes


Growing food in impossible places


Changing lives through financial inclusion



The WFP Innovation Accelerator sources, supports and scales high-potential solutions to end hunger worldwide. We provide WFP staff, entrepreneurs, start-ups, companies and non-governmental organizations with access to funding, mentorship, hands-on support and WFP operations. 

Innovation Bootcamps
Sprint Programme
Scale-up Enablement
Frontier Innovation
Innovation Services

The UN World Food Programme and its Innovation Accelerator earn four prestigious accolades in the Webby’s newest awards, established to recognize social impact work worldwide


WFP staff are generally innovation-minded, but what would it take to systematically identify, support and scale up innovations to benefit the communities we serve? In this blog, we gather six…

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