Project overview

H2Grow, WFP's hydroponics project, helps vulnerable communities to build their own hydroponic systems so that they can grow food in impossible places.

Project stories

H2Grow Research Event

H2Grow’s Hydroponics Research Event: Nurturing global community of hydroponics experts to share knowledge

How to grow green deep in the Sahara desert

H2Grow supports refugees in Algeria to build their own hydroponic systems so that they can grow fresh fodder in the desert, have healthier goats, more milk and higher-quality meat for their families.

How to grow fodder in the harsh conditions of Chad

H2Grow equips refugees with a locally-made hydroponics solution to grow fresh fodder with no soil and very little water in the arid lands of Chad. 

How to grow food in the desert slums of Lima

H2Grow works with Peruvian women to build their own hydroponic units so that they can grow nutritious vegetables in urban slums and generate income for their families. 
less water
no soil

Meet the team

The success of H2Grow is based on the collaboration of its innovators. The passionate team combines their local and global expertise, technical knowledge in nutrition, engineering and agriculture, and a powerful entrepreneurial spirit to realize their vision: save lives and change lives with hydroponics. 
Nina Schroeder
WFP Innovation Accelerator
Manuela Zierau
WFP Innovation Accelerator
Chiara Herold
WFP Innovation Accelerator
Mark Gordon
WFP Livelihoods
Matteo Vailati
WFP Livelihoods
Carlos Pratz
WFP Livelihoods
Raul Saenz
WFP School Feeding
Taleb Brahim
Mohamed Abdelhay
Emmanuel Safari
WFP Algeria
Katharina Meyerseipp
WFP Algeria
Lucrecia Bellido
WFP Chad
Sandra Hittmeyer
WFP Peru
Tania Rodriguez
WFP Peru
Lama Almajali
WFP Jordan
Winnie Opiko
WFP Kenya
Nicole Carn
WFP Sudan
Esra Edres
WFP Sudan
Elvis Odeke
WFP Namibia
Felix Okech
WFP Kenya
Last updated: 28/04/2020