Explore knowledge resources from the WFP Innovation Accelerator, including reports, case studies, insights, and videos to support innovation teams and organizations working towards social impact.

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Discover the WFP Innovation Accelerator's most recent Year in Review reports to get an overview of our work and innovation projects that have positively impacted the lives of millions of people worldwide
Case Studies and Toolkits
From ideation to impact, explore real-world examples of how WFP is implementing innovation projects that create social impact across various domains
Explore innovative solutions for social impact with practical insights and how-tos from the WFP Innovation Accelerator's experience
Find inspiration in our video collection showcasing disruptive innovations, insightful expert talks, and highlights from WFP's innovation bootcamps and programmes

Innovating Ahead of the Curve: Prevention, Resilience and Humanitarian Response | Pitch Event Recap

February 2024. The WFP Innovation Accelerator convened global innovators, the public and private partnerships, and WFP country offices to explore solutions to #zerohunger and inspire hope for the future.

Optimizing Food Distribution | Global Upstream Planning (GUP) | WFP Innovation Accelerator

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) delivered 3.6 million metric tons of food in 2023 alone. Yet, challenges such as demand uncertainties and supply chain complexities persist. Enter Global Upstream Planning (GUP).

Annapurti Grain ATM | WFP India

To ensure efficient and effective distribution of food grains at the last mile, World Food Programme (WFP) India has developed the 'GrainATM,' also known as 'Annapurti' (Hindi for fulfiller of food).

The Toothpick Project: Innovative Biology | Claire Baker

Watch Claire Baker, Director and Co-founder of the Toothpick Project, as she shares insights into their innovative approach to combating the invasive parasitic weed, striga, also known as witchweed, in Kenya.

Project AHEAD: Autonomous Humanitarian Emergency Aid Devices

What if we use technology developed for space research in humanitarian operations? This innovation demo near Munich showed how remote-controlled all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) can safely deliver supplies without exposing human drivers to risk.

In 3 minutes: The Global Delivery Programs Innovation Pitch Event

Watch the highlights from the Global Delivery Programs virtual innovation pitch event organized by the WFP Innovation Accelerator, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and MIT Solve.

In 3 minutes: The WFP Innovation Bootcamp

Watch the highlights from WFP's 32nd WFP Innovation Bootcamp held in Munich with the support of USAID and in collaboration with the WFP Innovation Hub for Eastern Africa.

Fail fast, learn faster | Noa Havazelet, Google for Startups

Noa Havazelet, Head of Google for Startups Accelerator, Europe, shares priceless advice for startups and social impact innovators.

Understanding AI

Artificial Intelligence is widely used in our everyday lives. But what is AI? Why is it important? And how can it get us to Zero Hunger?

Understanding Blockchain

The humanitarian and development sector is increasingly applying blockchain solutions in field projects. But what is blockchain? Why is it disruptive? And how is blockchain being applied at WFP?

Innovation to Tackle the Global Food Crisis

Did you know that up to 828 million people still go to bed hungry each night? That’s more than one in ten people globally. Innovation can play a key role to minimize the risks of the increasing food prices and tackle the food crisis.

Let's Talk: Impact

Stephanie Lee (Peichl) and Bethany Plant, Innovation Consultants at the WFP Innovation Accelerator, joined us to talk about impact measurement at the 43rd WFP Innovation Bootcamp.

Let's Talk: Growth Culture

Johnny Quach, Chief Product Officer at Hostelworld Group, joined us to talk about roadmap and KPIs at the 32nd WFP Innovation Bootcamp.

Let's Talk: Storytelling

Lydia Wanjiku Kibandi, Programmes Director at Lensational, joined us to talk about the power of storytelling at the 29th innovation bootcamp, organized by the WFP Innovation Accelerator in partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Let's talk: Lean Startup

Dr. Andrew Muir Wood, Design Strategist at Muir Wood, joined us to talk about lean product development at the 28th innovation bootcamp, organised by the WFP Innovation Accelerator with the support of USAID.

Hydroponics Asset-based Loan Programme

Learn more about H2Grow, WFP's hydroponics initiative that enables people to grow food in impossible places. In Kenya, WFP is taking H2Grow to the next level, through a blended financing model.