Year in Review 2023
Elevating Innovation Amidst the Global Food Crisis in 2023
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Our Work in 2023
In 2023, amidst stretched donor resources and multiple humanitarian crises, WFP recognized the indispensable role of innovation and technology in making emergency response more efficient and effective while also ending hunger globally.
WFP Innovation Accelerator Programmes
Innovations Funded and Supported
60.7 M
People Reached Globally
Where We Work
The WFP Innovation Accelerator was launched by WFP in 2015 to support and scale high-impact innovations to disrupt hunger and achieve the interconnected SDGs. We provide startups with access to funding, mentorship and hands-on assistance, leveraging unprecedented advances in innovation, such as mobile technology, AI, blockchain and innovative finance. We connect solutions with WFP’s global network in over 120 countries and territories globally and share our knowledge and lessons learned with the wider community to transform the way we collectively serve vulnerable communities across the world.
60.7 Million People Reached

Helped people from food insecure communities to prepare for, respond to and recover from climate shocks and stress, totalling

1.3 + million individuals

Ensured efficient and effective distribution of food through Supply Chain and Logistics innovations, benefiting

2.9 + million people

Promoted gender equality and empowerment of women and girls to provide a route to economic development and resilience, reaching a total of

15.4 + million people


Health and nutrition packages, through innovative school-based programs, were accessed by

4.7 + million people

Smallholder farmers and value chain actors were empowered, benefiting

5.3 + million people

Improved the design and delivery of cash and value vouchers, enhancing access to financial services for

23.9 + million people


Transformational nutrition solutions were delivered at scale, reaching a total of

15.9 + million people


WFP’s emergency preparedness and response operations were elevated, reaching a total of

257,136 people

In 2023, we funded and supported 74 innovations. 39% were led by women, reflecting our dedication to gender equality and empowerment and 44% showcase local innovation, underscoring our support for grassroots initiatives and community-driven solutions.
from the Zero Hunger portfolio
ventures from the SDGx portfolio
Lessons Learned
The journey of innovation is marked by its trials: the pivots, the failures, and the inevitable changes that challenge our strategies and assumptions. Yet, it is precisely these experiences that lay the foundation for growth, inspire innovative thinking, and catalyse further advancements. In this Year in Review 2023, we share 24 lessons learned across our activities and innovations that can be useful for any public or private sector innovation team and humanitarian and development organizations. Design. Fail. Iterate. Repeat. Scale
Our Innovation Stories
Who are the people behind the numbers?
Here’s a look at some of the innovation stories from 2023.
Thank you to our key partners and collaborators
With your support, we can #disrupthunger globally and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals
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2023 Year in Review