The WFP-X Moonshot Toolkit
Moonshot Toolkit
What is this?

Moonshot thinking is the process of translating huge societal problems into tangible, future-ready solutions that can improve life for the many and the few.

Use these design-thinking inspired methods, created over a 9 month period and tested with local Tanzanian innovators, to design solutions that can change the world.

Read more about the experience of WFP-X, a grassroots moonshot innovation project that the WFP Innovation Accelerator and Tanzania Innovation Hub embarked upon to tackle the huge problems facing growing megacities.

Toolkit introduction

What you can expect to find in the toolkit:

Under each of the phases, described below, we’ve compiled the key tools used for solving complex challenges like the question of urban food security which we tackled as part of WFP-X.

Preparing to Launch
This phase, and the tools within, focus on setting up and getting your moonshot initiative started.
Recruiting your Innovators
Getting to know each other
Designing how to work together
Huge Problems
Once you are up-and-running with your innovators recruited and acquainted, your next task is to explore your problem space and concretise the ‘Huge Pro- blems’ and ‘North Star’ which will guide the moonshot process.
Mapping Probable Future
Peak into the future
Moonshot North Star
Defining the Moonshot
Innovator Lightning Talks
Mapping the system & Overlaying forces
Define the Huge Problem
Socialize the System Narrative
North Star Falsification
Applying a frontier mindset
Breakthrough Approaches
Once you have identified the Huge Problems you are tackling and articulated a North Star, you are now ready for generating impactful moonshot ideas and falsifying them to ensure they can really drive change.
Sketch it out
Not so blue ocean
100 Iterations
Tethered to the Possible
You’ll then select your testable ideas and start making them real with simple prototypes that evaluate the feasibility and level of impact with help from your innovator team.
Low Fi Prototype
Med-Fi Canvas
Hi-Fi Applications