Project overview

SheCan is a digital financing platform that enables private donors to support financial inclusion—so that those in need can have the access to build income-generating livelihoods for themselves and their communities.

“A woman is economically empowered when she has both: (a) access to resources: the options to advance
 economically and (b) agency: the power to make and act on economic decisions.” - Golla et al. 2011

The problem

The majority of people WFP supports are financially excluded—meaning they’re unbanked and unable to access financial services. Limited access to capital and other resources presents an almost insurmountable barrier when it comes to breaking the cycle of poverty. Economic empowerment can unlock hidden potential, boost self-reliance and strengthen local economies.

African women; Photo by Luis Tato


1.7 Billion
Unbanked adults globally
Women with an account (vs. 72% of men)
Projected increase in agricultural yield if women have the same access to resources as men
The solution

SheCan is a digital financing platform that enables users to invest in social causes that go beyond charity. The initial web application will offer the possibility to invest or donate to a project from a real-time needs map, connecting donors to real people that WFP is helping through financial inclusion programmes, and integrate innovative finance solutions into the humanitarian sector.

The integration of innovative finance matched with a sleek platform design and vibrant storytelling will mobilize funders to give to long-term investments that focus on rebuilding local systems and reducing aid dependency in communities. By creating a base of individual givers dedicated to supporting gender transformative projects and empowering women to strengthen their livelihoods, SheCan hopes to bridge the gender gap in financial inclusion.

Smiling African women, Photo by Badre Bahaji



The way forward

SheCan is currently developing a digital finance platform that leverages the strong humanitarian network of the World Food Programme. Expertise from ShareTheMeal—WFP’s fundraising app—is driving the development of this project.

What we still need

We are looking for strong partners who share our vision of creating a financially inclusive world and are dedicated to making this a reality, whether that’s by lending expertise, backing the project or getting the word out through personal or public communication channels.


Meet the team

Anne Schallock
Anne Schallock
Project Lead
Hanna Marino
Hanna Marino
Content Lead
Maria Tavares
Maria Tavares
WFP Innovation Accelerator
WFP Business Innovation and Change Unit
Last updated: 30/12/2020