In recent years, the ongoing conflict in Iraq has resulted in the displacement of more than three million people from their homes and jobs. Whilst some Iraqis have sought refuge in neighbouring countries and in Europe, thousands of Iraqi families had to move to different parts of the country and ended up in temporary camps. Since many of them are farmers they lost their livelihoods and are in desperate need of food assistance. But beyond the immediate survival they want opportunities to apply their skills and make an income until they might hopefully be able to move back to their homes. They asked us if we can help come up with project for them.

Two of our team members from the WFP Innovation Accelerator visited Iraq earlier this summer to meet these wonderful people, find out about their needs and ideas and to experience the environment they now live in first-hand. They found very open and welcoming people that are incredibly resourceful, and full of determination to support themselves and their family. The team was inspired to find alternative ways for these people to make an income. But we also believe there are more good ideas out there. And that’s where you come in: How might we enable displaced communities in Iraq to earn money, feed their families and make a living?

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Ready, Steady, GO!

User group: Internally displaced Iraqis in camp, mostly from a farming background, currently lots of time and few resources

Design constraints to consider: short turnover cycles/quick results and or mobility of the solution (people might return home any moment), scarcity of space and water in camp, low investment and running cost 

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