Project overview

BioAnalyt’s mission is to democratize and improve the transparency of nutrient testing. BioAnalyt is developing new solutions that will improve local access; facilitate quality control and assurance of fortified foods; provide stakeholders with high-quality, actionable data to support decision-making; and ultimately drive improved health outcomes.

The problem

Hidden hunger refers to the often-invisible deficiencies of key vitamins and minerals (micronutrients), including iodine, folic acid, iron, and vitamin A. These micronutrients are necessary to sustain and improve the health and wealth of individuals and communities. Affecting over 2 billion people worldwide, micronutrient deficiencies (MNDs) are a major contributor to maternal and infant deaths, childhood physical and intellectual growth, immunity and resilience against health issues, educational attainment, work productivity, and tangible Gross Domestic Product (GDP) losses of up to 11 per cent annually.  

Whilst food fortification is becoming increasingly widespread, it is estimated that only half of all foods that are claimed to be fortified actually contain micronutrients in amounts designed by regional standards. In addition, national food control monitoring systems lack the capacity to track non-compliance and respond accordingly. In the end, consumers are most affected, as the staple foods labelled as fortified often lack the micronutrients they claim to contain, breaking overall trust in the food system and minimizing the nutrition and health impacts that fortification programs attempt to solve.

Did you know that every dollar invested in fortification generates 27 dollars in economic return from averted disease, improved earnings, and enhanced work productivity?
The solution

BioAnalyt has received global recognition for its innovative solutions that enable measurement and tracking of micronutrients in real-time, driving fast and evidence-based decision-making. BioAnalyt’s patented flagship product, iCheck, is a portable device that can quantitatively measure the micronutrient content of fortified foods within a matter of minutes. First developed in 2012, iCheck has been consistently transforming the ability of food system stakeholders to make nutrition visible, enabling faster, easier, and more cost-effective access to micronutrient testing data amongst BioAnalyt’s 300+ public and private sector customers in over 60 countries, without a traditional laboratory capacity

On-site training of iCheck in Pakistan.


Public and private sector customers in over 77 countries
iCheck device
iCheck devices distributed
Peer-reviewed publications and studies for iCheck devices
29 edible oil producers
Piloted iCheck Connect with edible oil producers
6000 tests execution of over 6000 tests on edible oils
6000 tests
execution of over 6000 tests on edible oils
70 percent increase in fortification adequacy over a three year period
70% increase in fortification adequacy over a three year period
The way forward

Leveraging our experience and considering the potential of digitalization, BioAnalyt is developing two new and highly interconnected products of iCheck Modular and iCheck Connect providing an ecosystem for digitalized Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC) for food fortification.

  • iCheck Modular is our new ‘all-in-one’ field hardware solution that will enable food producers to rapidly test QA/QC parameters (e.g., peroxide value, color) as well as fortification parameters (e.g., Vitamin A) in a single device, reducing the number of tests required and facilitating the generation of fortification quality alongside vital data for business sustainability. Bluetooth and Wireless Network connections are integrated in iCheck Modular enabling seamless communication and integration with digital management systems such as iCheck Connect, our solution for digital data management.
  • iCheck Connect is our digital companion that enables direct transfer monitoring and visualization of data in a web and mobile app utilizing data transfer from our devices for the benefit of stakeholder groups at all levels:
    • Food producers: ability to record, evaluate, visualize and take action according to measurement results; monitor iCheck device status and consumables stock; and log and assess training efforts. This empowers iCheck users to improve their measurement techniques and accurately interpret and utilize data to support informed decision-making, ultimately driving improved compliance and brand differentiation.
    • Food control authorities: simplified approach to organize and maintain testing and monitoring efforts, including access to intuitive and visual dashboard reports.
    • Institutions: access to high quality, actionable data to support improved decision-making and the design of targeted interventions to support improved fortification and health outcomes at the national and global level. For the first time, this will provide key industry stakeholders access to big data connecting food quality QA/QC and fortification data in comprehensive datasets.
  • QuImpact is our recently-established non-profit company, through which we aim to develop local capacity and capability in order to improve the translation of data into action - focussing particularly on fortification, nutrition, and food safety. QuImpact will deliver training on best practices for food quality and safety; workshops on state-of-the-art tools, equipment, and methods; technical assistance and knowledge transfer across the value chain for data continuum. QuImpact can also liaise with local distribution partners to provide faster and easier procurement and delivery of iChecks and other types of equipment and tools needed.
  • iCheck Anaemia: we extend to the field of Point-of-Care by developing a device to enable instant, on-the-spot lab-level, chemical-free diagnostics of the most prevalent nutritional deficiency—iron deficiency and associated anaemia in a drop of blood.


iCheck use in a laboratory specializing in fortified oil in Bolivia

Through the multifaceted solutions outlined above, we can improve access to devices, data, and knowledge at the local, national, and international level. How? Availability of rapid, cost-effective, and easy-to-operate tools for QA/QC will increase the capacity of the industry and facilitate the establishment of a ‘universal language’ between industry and regulators resulting in easier, faster, and more transparent monitoring processes resulting in higher quality nutritional interventions such as food fortification and ultimately decreased MNDs.

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