Project overview

BioAnalyt is developing hardware and software solutions to facilitate quality control of fortified foods for the food industry and the regulator and ensure local access to these solutions where needed.

The problem

There is poor compliance of fortified food producers to national fortification regulations globally due to a lack of industry incentives. Consequently, more than half of large-scale food producers are not fortifying their products according to national standards. In addition, national food control monitoring systems lack the capacity to track who is doing it and who is not and respond accordingly.  In the end, consumers are most affected, as the staple foods labeled as fortified often lack the micronutrients they claim to contain, breaking overall trust in the food system and minimising the nutrition and health impacts that fortification programs attempt to solve.

Did you know that every dollar invested in fortification generates 27 dollars in economic return from averted disease, improved earnings, and enhanced work productivity?
The solution

BioAnalyt is building the necessary technical foundation with iCheck hardware and software solutions to enable digitization of food fortification quality assurance/quality control to improve monitoring and ultimately impact on health outcomes. 

Our flagship product, iCheck, is a portable device that can quantitatively measure the micronutrient content of fortified foods within a matter of minutes. Since 2012, iCheck has been consistently transforming the ability of food system stakeholders to make nutrition visible, enabling faster, easier, and more cost-effective access to micronutrient testing data without a traditional laboratory capacity.

On-site training of iCheck in Pakistan.

iCheck Connect allows direct data transfer from iCheck Connect to a web and mobile app via a USB cable or wireless Bluetooth adapter. iCheck Connect can support analysis by recording, evaluating, and visualizing measurement results, monitoring iCheck performance and consumables stock, and logging and assessing training efforts. The iCheck Connect app has been launched for pilot testing with current iCheck users across more than 32 fortified oil producers in Pakistan and Nigeria. 

iCheck Modular. As the current iCheck devices are tailored to test only for one micronutrient at a time, iCheck Modular (currently in development) will instead have detachable and exchangeable measurement units. 

Local AccessWith iCheck devices and the iCheck Connect App, we aim to establish sustainable and modern digital quality assurance/quality control for fortified staples at national levels in low-to-middle-income countries. 

iCheck use in a laboratory specializing in fortified oil in Bolivia

Public and private sector customers in over 77 countries
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The way forward

BioAnalyt is continuously working on the next generation of hardware and digital solutions for affordable and accessible nutrition and health testing:

  • The iCheck Connect app will be developed to accommodate other fortified food staples beyond oil, such as wheat and maize flour, salt, and sugar. iCheck Connect will also link with national monitoring databases and management information systems (MIS) for further tracking and data transparency. The iCheck Connect app will simplify and facilitate testing and monitoring efforts by food control authorities and daily operations and internal quality reporting by the food industry, improving compliance and brand differentiation. Likewise, by sharing data with outside stakeholders in government regulatory bodies, consumer groups, the media, non-government organizations, and donor agencies, improvements can occur within the industry enabling the environment and targeting business incentives to fortify.
  • iCheck Modular: These iCheck devices will enable customizable multiplex analytics and integrated connectivity with iCheck Connect. The benefits include cost reduction for the hardware and  maintenance, improved ease of use, and the option to add on analytical parameters. 
  • Local Access: Learning from piloting the local support centers for BioAnalyt’s products and solutions in Pakistan and Nigeria will be applied to scale up to other countries that would benefit from integrating fortified food digital quality assurance/quality control.
  • iCheck Anaemia: We extend to the field of Point-of-Care by developing a device to enable instant, on-the-spot lab-level, chemical-free diagnostics of the most prevalent nutritional deficiencyiron deficiency and associated anaemia in a drop of blood. 

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Meet the team

Dr. Anna Zhenchuk
Dr. Anna Zhenchuk
Managing Director
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Anthony Acquatey-Mensah
Technical and Product Management
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Corey Luthringer
Head of Strategic Alliances
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Dr. Christoph Kratz
Product Development
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Ana Catarina Rocha
Marketing and Communications
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