Project overview

DignifAI is a digital economy integration and data-labeling project that aims to provide work for individuals in vulnerable communities along the Colombian-Venezuelan Border.

The problem

The Venezuelan Migration crisis is expected to reach 7.5 million people by 2023, of which 6 million will be residing in Latin America.

The largest migration crisis in Latin American history will continue to pit migrants against local communities in a race to the bottom for low end jobs, extending the downward spiral of unemployment, underemployment, and poverty spillovers.


The solution

DignifAI aims to be a key partner for locals, refugees, and migrants in the Colombian-Venezuelan and Brazilian-Venezuelan borders, paving the way for highly motivated individuals to develop their full potential and integrate socially, digitally, and economically. We believe that within the migrant community and their hosts, there is a large pool of untapped talent, limited in their options to generate income from their local labor markets. As an artificial intelligence (AI) annotation service provider with a social mission, DignifAI provides individuals the opportunity to develop skills, respond to the needs of the global digital economy, and have dignified livelihoods.

Training of DignifAI participants

DignifAI aims to help individuals break their poverty cycle by helping  them get data-labeling/annotation work. Data-Labeling/annotation is not meant to be a full-time employment option but a flexible complement for income generation. DignifAI’s certification opens the doors of online gig-economy income generation in a region where employment options are limited for migrants and displaced communities.

DignifAI is growing it’s Learn & Earn model that combines AI Data-Labeling microwork with digital and soft skill development. This combination of digital micro-work and basic upskilling is the foundation of the labor inclusion ladder.

DignifAI is implemented under the EMPACT initiative umbrella. EMPACT is a WFP project aiming at connecting young vulnerable populations to training and income generating opportunities in the digital and remote labour market.



I got involved with DignifAI as an annotator in October of 2020, and after ten months of participating in multiple images and Spanish NLP data-labeling projects, I was promoted to supervisor. I have found that data-labeling projects have allowed me to generate a new source of income remotely and flexibly on my terms, while at the same time helping me improve my productivity skills and focus.
Lizette Rodriguez
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The way forward

We aim to continuously develop and validate the potential of a temporary "Learn & Earn" program centered around artificial intelligence (AI) data labeling and digital upskilling in Latin America. 

Our primary goals are to: 1) create new income-generating streams for beneficiaries and their dependents through our AI data-labeling activities; and 2) achieve skill development and maximum participation through our digital and soft skill upskilling content.

Training graduates


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Meet the team

Enrique Jose Garcia
Managing Partner
Laura Oller
Laura Oller
Co-founder and Impact Director
Dana Garcia
Dana Garcia
ML Training Project Manager
Rubén Valencia
Rubén Valencia
Impact Project Manager
Cesar Arias
Cesar Arias
Upskilling Coordinator
Maria Esther Garces
Maria Esther Garces
Business Development Lead
Last updated: 10/11/2021