Project overview

Meridia enables smallholder farmers in Ghana to document their land rights affordably and at scale. Securing land rights opens up new opportunities for smallholder farmers, such as access to finance, significantly improving their productivity and livelihoods.



The problem


In Ghana, smallholder farmers who grow annual crops like maise face uncertainty about their ownership and use rights to their farmland when their land rights are not formalised.

Smallholder farmers without secure land rights tend to have limited access to finance and other services, and less ability to farm sustainably, hence managing their land less productively.



Meridia's agent interviews a farmer for a land rights document in Fomena, Ghana, 11 August 2021. Photo: WFP/Meridia.



The solution


Meridia is the field data partner for achieving traceability and transparency, living income, and regenerative agriculture commitments in international smallholder supply chains.

To help companies achieve these goals, Meridia additionally secures farmer land tenure through documentation. Meridia is specialised in delivering land documents cost-effectively at scale based on three pillars: extensive knowledge of Ghana's customary land rights system, which ensures that customary authorities and the community at large are sensitised and involved in the land tenure process; specialised local field teams; and proprietary cutting-edge technology.

Meridia offers high-speed delivery of land documentation and greater cost-effectiveness. It has delivered land tenure documents to 5,000 Ghanian farmers overall. Globally, the team has mapped over 100,000 farm parcels and is building large-scale projects in Ghana, Ivory Coast, and Indonesia.



A Meridia agent presents land documents and explains the land tenure process to farmers in Kaase, Ghana, 12th August 2021. Photo: WFP/Meridia.



The way forward


Throughout the WFP Sprint Programme, Meridia develops a new land tenure product and clarifies the business case to benefit smallholder farmers growing annual crops in Ghana.



Farmers attend a sensitization event in Kaase, Ghana, on 12th August 2021. Sensitization and stakeholder engagement helps ensure that all actors understand the regulations and practices around land tenure. Photo: WFP/Meridia.



Last updated: 04/03/2022