COP 27


The WFP Innovation Accelerator showcases disruptive solutions for climate action as the world meets for COP 27 - UN Climate Change Conference from 6 November to 18 November 2022 in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt. 

Join the WFP Innovation Accelerator at COP 27:

Event: Disrupt Hunger | Innovating For People And Planet

When: 17 November, 4pm5pm (EET/UTC+2)

Where: Online or in-person at the UN Climate Change Pavilion (Blue Zone) at COP 27, Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt

Event overview

Climate change is no longer a look into the future but a daily reality affecting people's ability to get food and live healthy lives. It is one of the leading causes of the unprecedented rise in global hunger.

The WFP Innovation Accelerator works to systematically source, support, and scale innovative solutions to disrupt hunger and accelerate impact across multiple SDGs. At COP 27, the Accelerator will host the "Disrupt Hunger | Innovating for People and Planet" event to highlight the opportunity to progress towards a climate-resilient future through innovation and technology.

The event will start with a welcome address by Bernhard Kowatsch, Head of the WFP Innovation Accelerator. It will continue with a showcase of real-world examples of scalable innovations from the forefront of climate and hunger, followed by a Q&A. The event will conclude with a high-level panel discussion on the role of public-private collaboration in driving innovation for people and the planet.

Meet the showcase projects:

  • WFP PHL Venture supports farmers in implementing innovative business models to increase the adoption of post-harvest loss technologies, which enhance climate adaptation and local food systems at scale. Speaker: Olipa Zulu, Zambia
  • H2Grow brings locally adaptable and affordable climate-smart hydroponic units to food-insecure communities in 21 countries; food can grow even in the harshest conditions — deep in the Sahara desert — because the technique uses 90 percent less water and zero soil. Speaker: Jenny Wilson, WFP Global
  • Takachar, an award-winning company achieving impact in WFP's Sprint Programme, deploys innovative processing units in farms that convert waste into sellable bioproducts like fuel and fertilizer and substantially reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Speaker: Vidyut Mohan, India
  • R4 Rural Resilience Initiative is WFP's initiative that supports smallholder farmers to adopt four integrated risk-management approaches to boost their resilience to a changing climate: risk retention, risk transfer, risk management and risk reduction (the 4 Rs). Speaker: Mathieu Dubreuil, Ghana

Read more about the showcase projects.

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The R4 Rural Resilience Initiative

Building resilient food systems through R4’s integrated climate risk management approach