Project overview

Arable helps the most innovative companies in agriculture to optimize decisions and understand crop outcomes through better data. 

The problem

Five hundred million smallholder farmers grow 80 percent of the food in developing economies. And yet, these farmers are the ones most vulnerable to climatic shocks. At the same time, they have limited access to weather forecast data, agronomic advising, improved inputs, market linkages, capital and other innovative insurance tools that can limit risk exposure. All these negatively impact subsistence farming, leaving these farmers trapped in a cycle of endemic poverty.


The solution

Arable builds compact, low-cost crop and climate monitoring systems that provide real-time information about the weather and plant productivity. The team proposes that more granular, high-cadence data will ultimately improve crop yield outcomes of subsistence farmers through better planning, advising and understanding of risks.

A man and a woman standing beside the Arable device

The way forward

By deploying a hyperlocal monitoring system to augment WFP Mozambique’s R4 initiative and last mile climate services, smallholder farmers will be able to improve their crop outputs via more accurate and timely information on weather and crop conditions. Similarly, weather index insurance will be strengthened by having more reliable and timely data to ensure payouts happen when they are needed.

The results

Arable has received several recognitions, including the 2021 AgTech Breakthrough IoT Solution of the Year, THRIVE’s Top 50 Companies for 2020, Plug & Play’s Top 10 Ag Tech Companies to Watch in 2019, and the Irrigation Association’s Best New Product of 2018.

On 25 July 2022, Arable announced that it has managed to raise a total of US$ 40 million funding from investors. The funds will go towards advancing climate resilience in agriculture by accelerating product development, delivering new services for customers and expanding the company's global footprint.

Last updated: 18/08/2022