Project overview

Clear Plate is an artificial intelligence-based application that rewards people for not wasting food.


The problem

A third of the world's food is wasted every year. On the consumption side, traditional ways of promoting the reduction of food waste, such as posters and slogans, are less effective and often overlooked due to a lack of engagement and motivation. There needs to be an effective way to raise public awareness while also engaging users through concrete incentives to reduce their waste.

Children standing in line at a cafeteria waiting for food to be served; Photo: WFP/Clear Plate



The solution

Clear Plate is an app that rewards people for not wasting food. Users take photos of their plate after a meal, collect points after the image is recognized by the app's artificial intelligence (AI), and redeem gifts or meal donations with their points. The Clear Plate team aims to facilitate a cyclical process of increased awareness, empowering users to reduce food waste, and incentivizing users to donate to World Food Programme (WFP) charity projects globally and within China. 

A boy eating from a clean plate; Photo: WFP/Clear Plate


The way forward

Clear Plate, WFP China and the WFP Innovation Accelerator are collaborating to drive user growth to 1 million new users, identify a WFP-supported charity project to which Clear Plate users can donate to, and strengthen the retention of its existing users. 

Children holding up clean plates; ​​Photo: WFP/Clear Plate


Last updated: 30/08/2022