Project overview

EYouth is set to empower young refugees and host communities in the Middle East through a comprehensive capacity-building program. By utilizing the interactive EYouth website, participants receive blended training in digital skills and employability, complemented by mentorship and AI-driven matchmaking for enhanced job placement prospects.

The problem

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is home to over 100 million young people between the ages of 18 and 35.  In addition to facing the pressing issue of high youth unemployment, which currently stands at 55 percent — the highest globally — the region also faces challenges related to food insecurity.

participants of EYouth workshop


The solution

EYouth aims to promote employment in the MENA region by providing learning and training opportunities for young people in need of jobs through their AI-based tech solution:

Step 1: Skill Building for Sustainable Livelihoods

The Capacity Building Training addresses the unemployment challenges faced by refugees and host communities in Egypt by equipping them with essential skills to enhance their employability, ensuring stable income to support their families. Interactive content on the EYouth website facilitates course access, enabling EYouth to monitor participation and progression, while also gathering feedback and tracking hiring outcomes.

Step 2: Targeted Recruitment and Customized Learning

EYouth initiates an outreach campaign, leveraging marketing channels and the comprehensive database, to call for applications. Through a rigorous screening process, the EYouth team carefully selects candidates who align closely with the objectives of the program. Upon successful screening, participants undergo an AI-assisted assessment. Subsequently, they embark on a tailored learning journey aimed at developing the specific skills needed for seamless integration into the labor market.

Step 3: Holistic Progression to Employment

The post-training assessment serves to gauge participants' progress, emphasizing skill acquisition. Graduates are then matched with private sector opportunities through a thorough selection process. Payment and expenses are streamlined via 'Fawry payment' cards, simplifying financial transactions and ensuring participants' smoother integration into the workforce.

facilitator of EYouth workshop

participants in online 3-month full training programme
participants in one-day programme
The way forward

EYouth is starting the implementation of the pilot in Egypt with targeted populations where they aim to reach 500 people with the core 3-month training programme and 2,000 people with the one-day training programme. The pilot will allow the gathering of essential learnings and metrics to validate hypotheses and the potential impact of the solution. The objective is to expand the digital livelihood programmes in more countries in the Middle East to support thousands of refugees and host communities to be able to enable them to join the labor market and generate livelihoods to improve food security.

Meet the team

Mustafa Abd Ellatif
EYouth Co-Founder & CEO
Yomna Ali
Education Manager
Farah Osama
Partnerships Manager
Last updated: 13/12/2023