Project overview

Rainmaker is a South Sudan company that is developing solar-powered water pumps and services for food secure, stable and self-sufficient communities. 

The problem

South Sudan lacks water infrastructures, and the few available water points are often touch points of conflicts over scarce resources. Most solutions to the water crisis focus on the provision of drinking water. While this is vital, water for farming and livestock is life-saving in a nomadic economy based on cattle and food production. In addition, South Sudan’s agriculture is highly underdeveloped due to years of conflict. South Sudan’s food production falls short of national  demand  annually in  part, due to lack of access to modern farming equipment.


The solution

With over 3,000 average sunshine hours, ample arable land, thousands of unemployed youth and adults, South Sudan has resources to address its dire humanitarian needs. Solar-powered water pumps and sensor-driven drip irrigation systems are being installed in villages across South Sudan. These climate smart technologies support the livelihoods of people at the local level who have had their access to water and livelihoods cut off by conflict. Rainmaker is also testing a tractor for hire service for farmers. 

Photo by Omaski Ltd

The way forward

The team is supporting communities to install scalable solar-powered irrigation systems & tractor for hire services for farmers in South Sudan to boost local food production, address hunger and ensure community resilience towards climate change effects such as floods and droughts. 

Rainmaker is aiming to scale these sustainable agriculture solutions across South Sudan. 

Photo: WFP/Mathok Kur

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Last updated: 14/07/2022