Innovation is critical to enable the United Nations World Food Programme to deliver on its mandate to reach Zero Hunger. 

We put intention into innovation

Our goal is to reach Zero Hunger. To achieve this, we pilot and scale promising ideas by leveraging advances in digital innovation. We also provide Innovation Consulting Services to share knowledge with other agencies and organizations working towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

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Our path to scale

The WFP Innovation Accelerator sources, supports and scales high-potential solutions to end hunger worldwide. We provide WFP staff, entrepreneurs, start-ups, companies and non-governmental organizations with access to funding, mentorship, hands-on support and WFP operations. 

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Scale-up Enablement

WFP is deploying bold new tools and approaches across its global operations to help solve hunger. Explore the disruptive innovations, technologies and business models driving change.

CODA (Conditional On-Demand Assistance)

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Changing lives through financial inclusion

2022: Innovating to help solve the global food crisis, the climate crisis and other global problems

See how much we accomplished with your support last year:

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In a significant partnership this past April, the United Nations World Food Programme’s (WFP) South-South and Triangular Cooperation (SSTC) Unit joined forces with the WFP Innovation Accelerator in Munich to introduce the inaugural 2023 SSTC Innov

Innovation is vital in finding creative solutions to feed more people with less.


Bernard Kowatsch, Head of the WFP Innovation Accelerator, shares ten key lessons and inspirations from 2022.