Up to 828 million people – more than one in ten of the world's population – still go to bed hungry each night. A deadly combination of conflict, climate change, and the after-effects of the COVID-19 pandemic is at the root of soaring hunger numbers. The economic fallout of the pandemic, and then the war in Ukraine, has pushed prices up and put food out of reach for millions of people across the world. These rising costs are also affecting WFP’s work. Already at the start of 2022, the price WFP was paying for food was up by 30 percent compared to 2019, and the cost of delivering it had risen by an additional US$42 million a month.

Every year, we host multiple WFP Innovation Challenge campaigns with particular themes. We encourage people to apply with innovative ideas in line with these challenges. We also have a rolling application process to accept and review applications multiple times throughout the year. Please look out for specific challenges or submit your project to be reviewed on a rolling basis.