The climate crisis is one of the leading causes of the unprecedented rise in global hunger. We need urgent global action to scale up climate change adaptation and solutions to respond to climate-induced loss and damage. At the Innovation Accelerator, we continue to identify, support and scale innovative solutions that focus on the climate crisis, climate adaptation and resilience-building globally.

Our Climate Work
Innovation 4 Action: Tackling the Climate and Hunger Crisis
Building on decades of innovation in humanitarian and development settings, WFP is leveraging unprecedented advances in digital innovation and low-tech, cost-effective solutions to transform the way we serve vulnerable communities across the world. It is on us all to bring forward innovations that address climate change and food insecurity and inspire the future generation of innovators tackling the world’s greatest challenges.

Innovation 4 Adaptation: Tackling the climate and hunger emergencies, the WFP Innovation Accelerator COP28 side event, featured pitches by innovators and a fireside chat on the importance of innovation and collaboration to achieve a healthy, sustainable planet for future generations.
Disrupt Hunger | Innovating For People and Planet
On 17 November, 2022 the WFP Innovation Accelerator was hosted at the United Nations Climate Change Conference Pavilion to deliver a key innovation event: ‘Disrupt Hunger: Innovating For People and Planet’.

Some of the most impactful innovations at the forefront of climate and food security were showcased, while key experts and influential voices from the field engaged in a lively panel discussion to highlight the critical role of innovation as a tool for impacting the climate crisis and mitigating its impacts on communities globally.
Innovation Challenge on Climate Action
In a world that is 2°C warmer than pre-industrial times, with at least 189 million more people at risk of becoming food insecure, the climate crisis is compounding social tensions and economic instability. This negatively impacts food systems and is pushing millions of people into poverty and on the brink of starvation.

In 2022, the WFP Innovation Challenge called for disruptive innovations that strengthen climate change adaptation and resilience.

After a competitive selection process, seven teams participated in WFP’s 48th Innovation Bootcamp where they dove deep into challenges, ideated solutions, and refined project plans.The teams also pitched their ideas during the WFP Pitch Event.
Why Climate Innovation?
We are facing an unprecedented climate crisis.
Climate action at WFP prioritizes serving the most vulnerable people.
Climate innovation can take many forms.
Innovative solutions have proven impact in tackling the climate crisis.
Innovations fighting the climate crisis


Increasing smallholder farmer resilience through agronomic advising and micro-insurance


Accelerating soil carbon removal on a planetary scale


Unleashing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to revolutionize disaster response and humanitarian aid

Solar 4 Resilience (S4R)

Solar-based technologies for building resilience and livelihoods of female smallholder farmers in India.


Turning crop waste into fertilizer

Toothpick Company Ltd. (The Toothpick Project)

Harnessing bio-herbicide technology to combat the most destructive weed infestation in Africa