Scale-Up Enablement Programme

The Scale-Up Enablement Programme supports advanced stage innovations which have already proven their project concepts within WFP field operations, and are working to optimize their impact and reach at regional or global levels.


Poverty should not be more expensive

The R4 Rural Resilience Initiative

Building resilient food systems through R4’s integrated climate risk management approach

The WFP PHL Venture

Sustainable Post-Harvest Loss Management (PHL) business models to enhance food security and income for smallholder farmers


Changing the measurement game for better health outcomes


Data-driven insights to save lives


Connecting youth to the digital economy - Graduated Project

Sprint Programme

Our Sprint Programme is an intensive six-month acceleration programme that helps innovators and start-ups reach proof-of-concept and develop prototypes ready for implementation. Teams receive up to US$100,000 in funding, world-class mentors, and access to WFP’s global network of partners field operations.


Treating aflatoxin-infected maize at scale

Ancestral Markets

Bridging worlds to guarantee nutritious food for all

Annapurti - GrainATM

Strengthening India’s last-mile access to food


Increasing smallholder farmer resilience through agronomic advising and micro-insurance

Armenia Project

Enabling agro-businesses through solar stations


You make the difference


Accelerating soil carbon removal on a planetary scale

Clean Cooking Haiti

Heat Retention Bags for clean cooking in school canteens

Clear Plate

Save food, get rewards and make a difference!


Data analytics for school feeding programming

Community Inclusion Currencies

Blockchain for community-driven credit


Blockchain traceability platform for smallholder farmers

Digital Microwork

Promoting jobs and financial inclusion for the unbanked


Outsourcing Dignity Through AI

Farm Direct

Bridging the gap for women and youth farmers

Fenik Cool Box

Longer shelf life for better nutrition and increased food security

HungerMap LIVE

Tracking hunger in near real-time

Imara Tech

Ending manual labour on small farms


Alumni projects have completed their life cycle with the WFP Innovation Accelerator. Some have scaled-up or were rolled into WFP’s operations, while others may have gone their own way. All have had the chance to test their innovations in WFP’s field projects and gained valuable insights that will inform their future paths.

CBT Cash Back

Cash-back incentives to promote healthy food consumption

Apeel Sciences

Extending the shelf life of fresh produce

Kuza One

Reimagining the future of farming

Thrive Agric

Enabling agriculture
WFP, Water for People and UNHCR staff learning at the Gicumbi DEFAST Plant. Photo: WFP/Jean Pierre Bucyensenge


Producing fertilizer and cooking briquettes in refugee camps

Circular Food Assistance

Upcycling waste into useful products
Photo: WFP/Jean Luc Habimana


Developing solar-powered water pumps and services for regenerative agriculture

Electric Pressure Cookers for Schools (EPC4S)

Clean cooking solution for school canteens